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5 Photographic Workshops for Isolation

I’m constantly looking for new inspirations, and in our current state of isolation I feel as if it is the perfect time to collate and share.

from “Broken Manual” by Alec Soth

I’ve been delving into workshops online in isolation - and I think Alec Soth’s “Photographic Storytelling” has been a source of great comfort and inspiration. There is currently a free sample of the workshop online.

Cate Blanchett by Annie Leibovitz

Nicole Kidman by Annie Leibovitz

If you’re a photographer who doesn’t know who Annie Leibovitz is - you’re sleeping under a rock! Annie Leibovitz’s Masterclass is a great workshop if you’re looking for insight into process more than technical skill. Watching Leibovitz work on set with the cast of Angels in America is particularly fascinating.

Via Michael Woloszynowicz on Youtube

Michael Woloszynowicz’s Youtube channel is not only free, but has a great series currently called “How I Shot It” - with simple, practical lighting tutorials for natural and studio lighting. He also has an existing catalogue of high quality retouching tutorials for CaptureOne and Photoshop users.

via Negative Feedback on Instagram

I’m a recent watcher of Negative Feedback on Youtube - I love their simple, tasteful videos on film photography and lighting. If you’re looking into investing into a film camera - they have great reviews - or if you’re trying to figure out how to get the most out of a camera you already own - they have simple and informative equipment and film guides.

The British Journal of Photography is consistently one of the most interesting photographic resources on the internet. They currently have a subscription deal for 1 pound to access their entire back catalogue of magazines - which is ideal for iPad/tablet users. Take advantage of the limited deal below.

I’m part of a little online print sale with the legends at CREAMTOWN right now - you can click that link to see my available work to purchase for as little as $100. You can buy larger sizes, framed and unframed pieces - from amazing artists like Lilli Waters,  Ilsa-Wynne Hoelscher-Kidd and Kamilla Musland.

See you next week!


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